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The 4 BEST Nuts For A Flat Stomach

(Plus a Fat-Burning Drink I’m Enjoying Right Now)

Hey, it’s Joel, and today I’m working from my laptop at a local dock here in St Petersburg, Florida, enjoying the sunshine, peaceful water, and cool breeze.  I’ve got my laptop in front of me, a fat-burning blend of nuts to my right, a belly-flattening beverage to my left, and of course, a jamming playlist on my portable “boom box” that includes Coldplay, Adele, Demi Lovato, The Fray, Mike Posner, Passenger, Ellie Goulding, and Florida Georgia Line just to name a few…not a bad office setup for the day!  I plan to make the most of it, starting by sharing the fat-burning treats I’m snacking on with YOU.

First, as mentioned, I’ve got a 4-nut blend of yummy and delicious nuts here, and of course, I didn’t pick these 4 exact nuts by accident.  After all, I am a nutrition nut (pun intended) so you know there’s gotta be a reason for these 4 nuts here…and there IS. (more…)

DON’T Do This At The Grocery Store

(Automatically Adds 31% More Calories)

Hey, it’s Coach Josh, and today I want to share with you a helpful nutrition tip to make sure that you don’t fall victim to a very common mistake that many people make when grocery shopping—one that will automatically add 31% more high-calorie foods to your shopping cart (and you’re waistline).


APRIL FOOLS! Kind of… (Get the facts and Your TODAY ONLY Gift below)

Although dessert is NOT the number one meal to help you lose weight, in the next few paragraphs I’m going to share with you how I eat cookies, candy, milkshakes, sugar, and ice cream EVERY single day while still staying fit.  In fact, you can even use this “sinful” diet yourself to shed fat quickly, while at the same time enjoying all your favorite foods day in and day out… just stay tuned and I’ll tell you how.


St. Patrick’s Day Green
Smoothie Recipes

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we have pulled together three of our favorite healthy and delicious green drinks for you to enjoy! These are all simple and easy recipes that your waistline and taste buds will thank you for!


The Ultimate Pre-Bed Meal
(Try This Tonight)

As we’ve discussed several times before in our newsletter articles, it is not necessary to avoid eating in the evening hours to lose flab.  In fact, the right night-time meal can often positively affect your results and recovery from exercise by feeding your muscles with quality nutrition as you sleep.

The trick, as always, is choosing the RIGHT foods before bed, and knowing which foods those are.  Here are some general “rules” to creating the ultimate pre-bed meal:


8 Foods You Shouldn’t Buy Organic

Hey it’s Joel, and I just got back from a little grocery store run with my two daughters to stock us up on some fresh fruit (for snacks) along with a bunch of veggies and organic meat for tonight’s dinner—pot roast!  Mmmm :)

Now, you probably noticed that I mentioned organic meat, and that’s because we always choose organic meats to avoid being exposed to the synthetic hormones with which non-organic livestock is generally treated throughout their life cycle.  Sure, it’s a little more expensive, but some things are just worth paying for—protecting the health of my family is definitely one of them!

That said, I’m all about saving cash where it makes sense, and that’s why there are certain foods we NEVER buy organic.  Why?  Because for some foods, there is no additional benefit to the organic vs. the non-organic version.  Let me explain. (more…)

NEVER Eat This Food By Itself

Last night, we had pasta for dinner.  It’s not a “regular thing” ’round these parts, but my wife is Italian and sometimes we just gotta get our pasta fix.  That said, I NEVER eat a plate a pasta by itself.  Do you?

Likewise, I NEVER have cereal or a bagel for breakfast, either.  Toast?  NOPE.  Waffles?  No way!  Pancakes?  Double no.  You see, all of these choices, especially when eaten by themselves, are big-time no-no’s when it comes to getting and maintaining a flat belly. (more…)

SUPER Convenient “Snack Trick” To Make Following Your Diet Plan Easier

You’re going to think it’s funny, but my 2-year old daughter loves to decorate “Easter Eggs”… and although it’s been quite a while since last Easter (after all, NEXT Easter is only a couple months away), we still break out the eggs from time to time for a little Easter Egg decorating like we did just the other day.

Truthfully, it doesn’t require a lot of extra work, as Daddy always has hard-boiled eggs in the fridge.  Why?  Because they’re a great, incredibly convenient high protein snack chock-full of healthy fats and more vitamins that you can count. That’s why! :)


Do This Once Per Day

Could it really be that ingesting this one single “super nutrient” from good ol’ Mother Nature, just ONCE per day, could provide ALL of these incredible health benefits at the SAME time? (more…)

10 Benefits Of Fish Oil

Hi, this is BioTrust Medical Advisor and leading board certified physician Dr. Phil Spiess, and there’s something rather disturbing about fish and krill oil supplements that I must share with you today.  You see, while Omega-3 fatty acids are by far one of the most important supplements you could ever take for your health and longevity—providing heart health, memory, focus, skin, joint, vision, weight management, mood enhancement, pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging benefits just to name a few—what you probably DIDN’T know is that the vast majority of fish oil supplements on the market today are completely ineffective and utterly WORTHLESS.

Yes, it’s true, and in the paragraphs that follow, I’ll clearly show you ALL the shocking reasons why… enough to make you wonder if ANY fish or krill oil supplement is actually worth taking, or even worse, safe to consume… (more…)